• Terri and Award
    Terri, Small Business Woman of the Year Award, Metro North Chamber January, 2010 - Photo by Allee Photography
  • Terri and Al at the Four Seasons
    Terri and Al Grand Opening, The Four Seasons Hotel November 2010 Photo by Travis at Broxton Photography
  • KOSI Radio Special Event Nov. 2010
    KOSI Radio Denise Plant, Jim Brickman and Terri KOSI Radio Special Event Nov. 2010
  • Terri with Nancy and Janet
    Terri with Nancy Koontz and Janet Elway- Have You Met October 2009 -Photo by Terra Chroma
  • Chamber - Metro North Aug. 2010
    Deborah Obermeyer, Joann Cortez, Terri - Metro North Chamber After hours, August 2010
  • St Anthony North Foundation July 2010
    Deborah Obermeyer, Nancy McNally Mayor, City of Westminster, Terri, St. Anthony North Foundation July 2010
  • Terri, Joann Cortez, St. Anthony North Foundation July 2010
    Terri, Joann Cortez, St. Anthony North Foundation July 2010
  • Terri and Al at Metro North Chamber, Jan 2010
    Metro North Chamber of Commerce, Al and Terri Fisher, January, 2010 - Photo by Allee Photography
  • Terri and Living Statues
    Terri and Living Statues Mike and Katharyn at Icon Awards March, 2010, Photo by Steve Crecelius
  • MIC Conference - March 2010
    Tammie Taylor and Terri at the MIC Conference March, 2010
  • Cheerleaders
    Denver Bronco Cheerleaders Candace and Jessica with Terri and Cindy Kessler Metro North Chamber Golf Tournament, June 2010
  • Terri with Paul Borrillo
    The Four Seasons Grand Opening Nov 2010 Terri and Paul Borrillo
  • Denver Chalk Art Festival
    Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Square, June 2010
  • Western Fantasy
    Terri, Stephanie Odak and Joanne Kalish at the Western Fantasy Oct 2010.
  • Terri and Charlotte
    Terri with Charlotte Mervin, 49th Annual Downtown Denver Awards April 2010
  • Mask Project 2010
    Terri with her mask featured at the Cherry Creek Mall for The MASK Project April, 2010
  • Mask Gala, May 2010
    MASK Gala May, 2010 Terri with Linda Goto Denver Hospice, Photo by Steve Crecelius
  • Hattitude, May 2010
    Terri and KOSI‚'s Denise Plant Women with Hattitude, May 2010
  • Metro North Chamber Gala, Jan. 2010
    Joann Cortez and Deborah Obermeyer with Terri, Metro North Chamber Gala January, 2010 Photo by Pam Wagner
  • American Academy of Family Physicians  October 2010
    Terri and Azteca Dancers at the American Academy of Family Physicians, October 2010
  • Denver Zoo, May 2010
    Megan Woodcock, Terri and Patrick Phelan, Denver Business Journal Networking Event, Denver Zoo May 2010
  • ISES Wedding Showcase, January 2010
    ISES Wedding Showcase January, 2010, Terri, Catherine Prendergast, Alaneyer Smith-Jensen, Tamara Wilkinson
  • ICON Awards March 2010
    Tamara Wilkinson with Terri and Angela Coleman ICON Awards March 2010
  • ICON Awards March 2010
    Denver Hospice Lynn Bronikowski, Keri Christiansen. Terri, Andy Levy ICON AWARDS March 2010, Photo by Steve Crecelius
  • Kempe Foundation, February 2010
    Terri with Nancy Koontz and Jerry DeWitt President Blacktie Colorado at the Kemp Foundation February, 2010
  • NACE - April 2010
    Terri and Dana Decesari at NACE meeting April 2010 Photo by Kim Nodurft
  • ISES Wedding Showcase, January 2010
    Hazel Miller and Terri - ISES Wedding Showcase January, 2010
  • Fisher Family
    My Family (L - R) Nikki, Terri, Al and Danny
  • MPI Monster Mash, October 2009
    Monica Cheeks and Terri at the MPI Monster Mash - October 2009
  • Miles the Denver Broncos Mascot, AAFP
    Terri and Miles the Denver Broncos Mascot, American Academy of Family Physicians Oct 2010
  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2010
    Terry Adams and Terri at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival Pre Gala Party, June 2010
  • Nativity Gala 2010
    AJ and Heidi, Terri and Al at the 4th Annual Nativity Gala February, 2010
  • Waterworld 2009
    Waterworld 30th Anniversary Celebration, June, 2009

Charity Fundraiser Etiquette: The Pleasure of Your Company Is Not Enough


Charity fundraising events provide the grease that keeps the non-profit world’s wheels turning smoothly while keeping people entertained. They support good causes and promise the opportunity to have some fun, to meet friends old and new and to see and be seen. As with all human enterprises, there are some rules of etiquette that go with them, although you may not find them explicitly outlined by Miss Manners or Emily Post.

In my book, Rule #1 of charity fundraising is: “I’ll support your fundraiser if you’ll support mine.” Some low-level examples everyone knows are Girl Scout cookies, wrapping paper and chocolate bars for schools or sports teams. Implicit in asking your friends to help you out is that, when their time comes, you’ll help them. The same principle applies at higher levels. For example, when a friend buys tickets – or even a table – at a charity event you support. It’s implied that you will reciprocate by purchasing tickets or a table for your friend’s next charity event. This is especially important if your friend is an event organizer or committee chair.



Hope Ball


Hope Ball 2014

May 10 - 5:30pm to Midnight
Hyatt Regency DTC

For tickets and to reserve a table

– click here –


A celebration to benefit the
Denver Academy Tuition Assistance Program.  
Enjoy cocktails, shopping, dinner, program and dancing.

Saturday, April 26, 2014
6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Sherman Street Event Center
1770 Sherman Street
Downtown Denver
​​EMCEE: Susie Wargin ~ 9News KUSA-TV
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